Workshops by Professor Charlotte Brewer Held - International Burch University

Workshops by Professor Charlotte Brewer Held

Workshops by Professor Charlotte Brewer Held

Professor Charlotte Brewer has done two workshops for the students of undergraduate and postgraduate studies of International Burch University, as well as for the English language teachers from 20 different schools from the area of Sarajevo Canton. Also researchers and students from University of Sarajevo, University of Zenica and International University of Sarajevo attended the workshops.

Morning session entitled “Making the OED – ‘The Meaning of Everything’” had an aim to discuss the making of Oxford English Dictionary (OED) from its first issues until today, and to explain its importance through the fact that it is a historical witness of cultural and language changes. Taking audience to the historical journey from start of making dictionary to beginning of the using new technologies and work on current issues, Professor Brewer gave some facts about usage and amount of quotations, individual authors, censorship of the words entering the OED, and its consequent influence on literary and linguistic history. The audience was delighted to hear some new facts on work of Oxford University Press and ask questions, e.g. how one new word can enter the dictionary.

At the end of the session Professor Brewer proposed to all interested parties to contribute to OED, as there is such opportunity and encouraged participants to contact her regarding this topic.

Afternoon session, aimed for postgraduate studies students, had a title “Authors and periods in the Oxford English Dictionary” and audience could hear more about brief history of publication and compilation, OED methodology, authors and periods in OED1, and in the revised OED today, as well as Jane Austin and record of her vocabulary in OED.

Professor Brewer expressed her pleasure visiting International Burch University and getting an opportunity to learn more about education system in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After the working sessions Brewer will have a chance for sightseeing of Sarajevo and Mostar, and will be closely introduced with the culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina.