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May 20, 2021
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Zoom Takes Crowded Events Into The Remote Era With An All-In-One Virtual Stage

Zoom Events Stage

Zoom Events Stage

Since the pandemic, many people have had to shift their real-life events online, and now Zoom has created an all-in-one stop for you to host all events, big or small.

Zoom Events will work as a platform for creating free or paid online events, and users can even host conferences that stretch across several days.

You’ll be able to create a hub that will serve as a dashboard for attendees, with information such as the event schedule and key speakers.

According toPocketnow, within the app, you’ll be able to create the various events (if there are more than one), and manage a new virtual lobby where guests can interact with one another. The best part? It lets you handle the paid events and billing right from the platform.

Another great feature for hosts will be the detailed statistics provided by Zoom. This will include the number of attendees, registration process, revenue generated, etc, giving you insight to all the important numbers relevant to your event.

When Zoom Events is launched, it will first be available to users with paid Zoom Meetings or Video Webinar license, though it hasn’t been confirmed if it’ll be rolled out to the general public. For updates, visit the Zoom Events site.

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