English Language and Literature

Your doorway to wisdom, productivity and accomplishment: a pathway to constructive research and eloquence

Bachelor degree

We seek to develop graduates with critical thinking capacities capable of impacting the academia, public affairs and the wider world.
This is pursued throThe aim of our undergraduate program is to carefully identify and accommodate the learning styles and strategies of our students and assist them in their journey towards linguistic, literary, cultural and socio-anthropological approaches to numerous and various subject matters that are beneficial to their scholastic involvement. We seek to promote intellectual endeavor with passion and inquisitiveness and develop graduates equipped with analytical capacities that will complement their personal and professional life after graduation.ugh an interdisciplinary approach that covers diverse aspects, from the foundations of political and social sciences to specialized fields.

DL Master program

Graduate studies at the Department of English Language and Literature are open to all individuals who share passion for learning and exploring languages, and who wish to specialize in the area of language education, linguistics, or literature.

If you wish to study language in depth and understand how it interacts with the world around you, as well as sharpen and broaden your critical thinking skills, this department is right for you.


The PhD program at the Department of English Language and Literature strives to cultivate intellectual growth and to stimulate diverse scholarly interests.

It is particularly known for its concentration on the burgeoning field of interdisciplinary studies and is committed to offering you the opportunity not only to master current knowledge but to contribute to this knowledge through research and original thinking.