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Prof. Avdagic Sheds Light on the Challenges of AI in University Education and Science

Prof. Avdagic Sheds Light on the Challenges of AI in University Education and Science

Emeritus Professor Dr. Zikrija Avdagic delivered an illuminating lecture on the exponential expansion and the evolving role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education and science at International Burch University. The lecture, attended by members of the IBU academic community, delved deep into the elements of AI expansion: Databases, Bio-inspired algorithms, Awareness, and Deep Learning.

Professor Avdagic reflected on the genesis of AI definitions, citing contributions from notable minds in the 1950s like John McCarthy, Marvin Minsky, and Alan Turing. With the EU Parliament spending two years on agreeing to a definition, he emphasised the necessity for clear categorisations of AI: specialised AI, general AI, and the still-conceptual super AI.

The discussion further explored AI’s cooperation with students, the creation of AI through learning, and the personalisation of education for inclusivity. Professor Avdagic highlighted the convenience of E-learning courses available 24/7 and the automation of repetitive tasks, including grading and identification of learning difficulties. He also touched upon the application of predictive analytics in gauging student achievement.

However, the incorporation of AI in education isn’t without its pitfalls. Professor Avdagic underscored the ethical challenges posed by AI, such as dependency, addiction, and the dichotomy between humanising robots and dehumanising humans. The importance of maintaining the human element in university education was a key takeaway.

Addressing the role of AI in research at universities, the professor pointed out the advantages, including the integration of numerous disciplines, enhanced simulations, automated research processes, deep analyses, and the facilitation of creative projects. The emphasis was also on following the ethical codex in AI applications and the significance of laws regulating AI.

Peering into the future, Professor Avdagic presented a contemplative perspective on AI consciousness and the upcoming developments in technology, such as embedded AI, autonomy, and quantum computing. “Does the future need us?” he posed, asserting the value of our spiritual-energetic potential and concluding that humans are indeed necessary for a future coexisting with technology.

To responsibly navigate AI development and mitigate risks, he called for a global agreement on AI regulation, involving a diverse spectrum of society, including philosophers, lawyers, and other experts.

In the concluding Q&A session, Professor Avdagic addressed intriguing questions, reaffirming the transformative impact of AI on education and the imperative to avoid an Orwellian society. The attendees left with a deeper comprehension of the challenges and possibilities that AI holds, pondering whether models like GPT could ever substitute for the depth and knowledge foundational to education.

On behalf of International Burch University, Prof. Dr. Mersid Poturak, IBU Rector, extended heartfelt gratitude to Emeritus Professor Dr. Zikrija Avdagic for shedding light on this pivotal subject with his knowledge and expertise. His contribution has been invaluable in cultivating a learning environment that harmonises with the advancements and ethical considerations of AI, inspiring critical reflection on the integration of AI in education and guiding the community towards a future where technology and humanity coexist harmoniously.


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