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Kalcess.net is a regional interactive platform for connecting companies, academics and young people in search of different opportunities for cooperation. If you think someone or something is missing in your company, project, research or career, register and access the network that helps you move forward.

Kalcess.net was developed within the SUCCESS project funded by the European Union through the Erasmus + Capacity Building in Higher Education Institutions program. The SUCCESS project aims to improve cooperation between individual universities/faculties and companies in the Western Balkans region and to provide better opportunities for young people to improve their skills and competences, and therefore have greater chances for employment in the profession.

It is unique in terms of target groups as well as the countries in which it is present, and it enables searching and finding potential partners for projects, research, information exchange and other types of cooperation. It is currently present in Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Kosovo with the intention of expanding to other countries in the region.

Job seekers post their skills and competencies. Kalcess.net allows companies to search an extensive database in detail to find and hire talented young people. Through the platform, academics publish the latest achievements in the field of science and profession and at the same time look for partners and investors for their future projects and research. All interaction is free and in addition to networking, it also enables free promotion of all registered individuals, companies and institutions.

Kalcess.net is just starting its journey and already has over 200 registered users and over 20 academic institutions.


Higher education in not responding sufficiently to the needs of the market
Lack of productive networks between higher education and industry/business sector
Inefficient and non-transparent hiring process
Youth not being able to find a job without previous experience
Not implementing research findings into the industry sector

Direct access to companies in the Western Balkan region
Freelancing opportunities
Internship opportunities
Learning opportunities
Networking with the professional environment

Networking in the Western Balkan region
Unique database of skilled people
Detailed search by key skills and competencies
Valuable info for HRM
Joint projects and research with academia/scientists
Sharing information, accomplishments, promotion

Quick and easy access to Western Balkan University – Enterprise network
Joint projects and research 
Sharing research findings and results
Visibility of institutions

SUCCESS project as one of the creators of the KALCESS platform

Western Balkan countries are on the path of integration to European Union. Improvement of institutional capabilities is an important part of the agenda in this process. Considering this, establishment of EU model university-enterprise cooperation is crucial for the Western Balkan countries. This project is funded by European Commission under the Erasmus + Program Capacity Building in Higher Education. The main objective of SUCCESS is to establish a university-enterprise cooperation by forming a partnership in the areas of education and knowledge transfer based on the market needs, as well as creating wide university-enterprise cooperation network in Western Balkan countries; Develop students’ relationships with the professional environment and evaluate its needs and participation in education of students with aim to increase employability in WBC; Reinforce existing and establish new Start-up services at 8 WBC HEIs; As well develop and implement internship programs at the 8 WBC HEIs. These goals are aimed to be achieved through a steady collaboration among WBC universities and enterprises from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro, and EU universities from, Poland Spain, Serbia, and Germany.




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