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Erasmus Days at International Burch University

Erasmus Days at International Burch University

Last week, from October 9 to 13, International Burch University, together with the rest of the world, celebrated Erasmus Days, a global event dedicated to celebrating and exploring the opportunities that the Erasmus+ programme has to offer.

As part of this celebration, the Office for International Cooperation and Projects organized two main events. The first one was “Unlocking the Future: Erasmus+ and Employability”, offering students insights into the Erasmus+ programme and the Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities (BRAVO). This not only revealed the advantages of participating in the Erasmus+ programme, but also emphasized its role in enhancing employability. The second event was the premiere of the “Humans of Erasmus+” documentary, directed by our GDM student Abdulah Hodžić, our GDM alumna Amina Hodžić, and Naida Hodžić. This documentary provided a personal look into the transformative experiences of those who have participated in the Erasmus+ programme.

During this week, the Office for International Relations and Projects also had “Open Doors Days”, offering firsthand insights into international projects and partnerships to students, reflecting the university’s dedication to fostering a global perspective among students and supporting them in their pursuit of international opportunities.

This was a great opportunity to recognize the impact of international transformative experiences and to make Europe shine.