IBU Graphic Design Students Exhibit at the Prestigious FLUID Festival - Lego Ergo Sum

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The FLUID 2022 regional Contest for Young Designers is called "LEGO ERGO SUM" and is hosted by NGO Flux in collaboration with Fluid – Design Forum https://fluid-forum.me/

The competition is open to young graphic designers, illustrators, design and architecture students, visual artists, photographers, and architects from Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Albania. Participants must be between the age of 18 and 35.

There has been a selection made of three authors in each category and those authors have been offered the opportunity to participate in a joint exhibition and presentation at FLUID #11/2022.

Fanzine, Poster and Typeface represent the submission categories available this year.

Under the mentorship of Professor Tarik Hodžić and Teaching Assistant Boris Stanišić, IBU students from the Department of Graphic Design and Multimedia passed the rigorous selection process and were given the opportunity to exhibit at the FLUID Festival. The selection reflects their talent, hard work and dedication to the project. Commendation also goes to students who worked very hard and yet whose work has not made it to the final stage of the selection this year. 

Below is the list of IBU students who exhibited at the FLUID Festival:

  1. Amina Imamović
  2. Sead Pašić
  3. Edna Porča
  4. Neira Kiso
  5. Azra Selimović
  6. Erva Nur Kara
  7. Amina Hodžić

International Burch University is dedicated to providing students with market-oriented education and professional training preparing them for the chosen vocation through personal mentorship and successful entrepreneurship. 

Learn more about the Department of Graphic Design and Multimedia here: https://www.ibu.edu.ba/department-of-graphic-design-and-multimedia

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