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Strengthened Collaboration Continues Between International Burch University and the Institute for Metrology of BiH

Strengthened Collaboration Continues Between International Burch University and the Institute for Metrology of BiH

In a pivotal move likely to transform academic and industrial partnerships within Bosnia and Herzegovina, International Burch University (IBU) and the Institute of Metrology of BiH are strengthening their ongoing collaborative relationship. The partnership endeavours to capitalise on the unique strengths of both institutions to deliver high-quality services, whilst also advancing research and education across multiple sectors.

The Strategic Meeting

The collaboration was strengthened during a strategic meeting, graced by eminent representatives from both organisations:

- Prof. Dr. Mersid Poturak, Rector of International Burch University
- Milica Ristovic Krstic, Director of the Institute for Metrology of BiH
- Prof. Dr. Jasmin Kevric, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Natural and Medical Sciences at International Burch University
- Katarina Hafner-Vuk, Head of Laboratory for Chemistry at the Institute
- Dr. Alen Bosnjakovic, Head of Department for Cooperation with International and B&H Institutions at the Institute
- Engin Obucic, Head of Marketing and PR at International Burch University

About International Burch University (IBU)

During the meeting, Prof. Dr. Mersid Poturak provided an overview of IBU, emphasising its dedication to top-notch education and its entrepreneurial ethos. With over 30 affiliations spanning the EU, IBU delivers an English-language curriculum and has secured a plethora of grants from EU bodies, the Cantonal Ministry, and the embassies of the UK and Switzerland.

The Institute for Metrology of BiH

Director Milica Ristović Krstić introduced the Institute, spotlighting its seven cutting-edge laboratories and a proficient cadre. Despite hurdles such as the absence of dedicated premises and the retention of talent, the Institute remains a nexus for pioneering research and methodologies, many underpinned by EU funds.

Joint Initiatives

The recent meeting outlined various areas of shared interest and potential future endeavours. Katarina Hafner-Vuk from the Institute shared insights on collaboration, revealing that members of their team have been working closely with IBU's Department of Genetics and Bioengineering.

Additionally, the two institutions already offer a mutual master track through IBU's Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) Department, titled Metrology And Data Quality. Alen Bosnjakovic also shed light on a series of projects related to digital certificates and postgraduate studies, highlighting how both establishments have been contributing their expertise to these ventures.

A Visionary Partnership

The central topic of the meeting was the plan for upcoming joint work: an endeavour to provide tailor-made training to the industry and market. As stated by Milica Ristovic Krstic, the Director of the Institute for Metrology of BiH, "The swift decision-making and adaptability of IBU make it a first-rate partner for the Institute."

On the Horizon

Both organisations are in the midst of cementing the specifics of their collaboration. This partnership not only holds the promise of catalysing transformative changes but also serves as a model for academic and research institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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