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IBU Rector's Visit Marks New Chapter in International Collaboration

IBU Rector's Visit Marks New Chapter in International Collaboration

We're delighted to share that IBU Rector, Prof. Dr. Mersid Poturak has paid a visit to the Vice-Dean for Internationalisation at Loughborough University, signifying our commitment to international academic partnership.

This visit forms part of a wider initiative wherein IBU is forging connections with premier UK educational institutions, cultivating global ties and new partnerships.

Whilst at Loughborough University, Prof. Poturak engaged in dialogue on a variety of internationalisation strategies, examining pioneering approaches to education. These conversations are crucial in establishing new conduits for student exchange programmes, collaborative research, and cross-cultural academic exchanges.

Adding to this promising venture, potential cooperation in joint research projects, particularly within the framework of the Horizon program, was a focal point of discussion. This collaboration opens doors for innovative research, pooling expertise from both institutions for groundbreaking outcomes.

Moreover, the exchange of students and professors was highlighted as a cornerstone of this growing partnership. This initiative will enable students and faculty from both IBU and Loughborough University to benefit from diverse academic environments, enriching their educational and cultural experiences.

A particularly exciting development is the plan to conduct joint summer schools. These programs will serve as a platform for intensive academic sessions, cultural exchange, and the nurturing of international networks among students and faculty from diverse academic backgrounds.

The visit emphasises IBU's dedication to offering a global stage for our students and faculty, ensuring their access to diverse educational systems and international resources. 

We proudly stand in front of Loughborough University's welcoming sign, not merely as visitors but as partners in the transformative power of education.

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