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Minister Prof. Dr. Adna Mesihović's Vision for Higher Education Modernisation Finds Support at International Burch University

Minister Prof. Dr. Adna Mesihović's Vision for Higher Education Modernisation Finds Support at International Burch University

International Burch University had the honour of welcoming the Minister of Science, Higher Education, and Youth, Prof. Dr. Adna Mesihović, accompanied by the Assistant Minister for Science, Mrs. Azemina Njuhović, and the Assistant Minister for Finance, Mr. Nihad Šeta, in a meeting that discussed the future of higher education in Canton Sarajevo. The Minister, received by the University Rector, Prof. Dr. Mersid Poturak, and the Secretary-General, Adil Bilalić, held a meeting that outlined a strategic vision for educational advancement and alignment with European standards.


In a compelling address during this business meeting, Minister Mesihović outlined her ambitious strategy for the sector. "The long-term vision of the development of higher education, for me, means the modernisation of study programmes, the improvement of student standards, the provision of modern infrastructure and equipment at universities, the harmonisation of enrolment policies with the labour market, and stronger cooperation between universities and companies, pushing for excellence at all universities by establishing a clear development system and ensuring quality through adherence to standards in higher education with EU standards," Prof. Dr. Mesihović articulated. She stressed the government's commitment to catalysing scientific and academic growth, highlighting that "Increased investment in the promotion of science and scientific research work through the Science Fund in the Canton of Sarajevo will be one of my tasks."


Prof. Dr. Mersid Poturak, Rector of the International Burch University, presented the University's mission and vision, with a particular emphasis on commitment to innovation and progress. "It is particularly important to highlight that the University is expanding its academic programmes in areas such as dentistry, film and video production, as well as gaming, video game design and interaction. This new academic offering, aligned with the needs of the European and global markets, reflects the strong commitment of the International Burch University to leadership in new disciplines and responds to the growing needs of our students," emphasised Prof. Dr. Poturak.


The Minister's vision resonates with the University's mission to foster an academic environment that is not only traditional but also globally competitive. "If the University is flexible and wishes to change and continuously improve its study programmes with a more rigorous and modern approach together with advanced technology, then ultimately it offers our students new opportunities for high-quality education in line with European quality standards; I am sure that we are on the same path," she remarked confidently.


The meeting signified a commitment to excellence and international collaboration, with the Rector and Secretary-General expressing their support for the Minister's vision. They conveyed their enthusiasm for forging a path that would lead to greater recognition of the University's academic offerings and research initiatives on an international platform.


Under the stewardship of Prof. Dr. Adna Mesihović, an era of transformative education, with a focus on quality, modernisation, and global standards is on the horizon, heralding a new chapter in the Canton’s academic narrative.


For a detailed account of this landmark meeting, follow the link below: https://vlada.ks.gov.ba/aktuelnosti/novosti/ministrica-mesihovic-posjetila-internacionalni-univerzitet-burch  

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