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Notable Event on Biosafety Held at the Academy of Sciences of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ANUBiH)

Notable Event on Biosafety Held at the Academy of Sciences of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ANUBiH)

Today, a significant event focusing on biosafety and biosecurity took place at the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ANUBiH). This gathering brought together experts, researchers, and students from both primary and secondary schools across Bosnia and Herzegovina and Zagreb, Croatia. The event provided a vital forum for discussing the educational solutions in the field of biosafety.

The event was masterfully organised by the esteemed academician, Professor Dr Mirsada Hukić, representing ANUBiH. Her efforts emphasised the urgent need for continuous education and increasing awareness of biosafety among the younger generation. Professor Hukić’s commitment and expertise were crucial to the successful execution of the event, which underscored the pivotal role of education in safeguarding against biological threats.

The International Burch University (IBU) played a significant role in providing support to this event. IBU's involvement was indispensable throughout the implementation of the project, not only in terms of providing material support but also through their expert contribution to the national and international competition on "Biosafety and Biosecurity". Today, the International Burch University provided vital resources and expert guidance, ensuring the high quality and fair assessment of student works. Professor Dr Monia Avdic was a member of the selection committee for the student projects, while Prof Dr Mirza Ponjavic was a co-organisor of the event.

Dr Obucic also took the lead in promoting the new biosafety handbook, authored by Professor Hukic and coauthors, highlighting its importance as an educational tool and resource for implementing biosafety measures in schools. The promotion of the handbook was instrumental in raising awareness and providing practical guidance for educators and students alike.

Participating high schools from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia showcased their work, reflecting the cross-border collaboration and exchange of knowledge in biosafety. The event was a testament to the collective effort of educational and scientific institutions from both countries, fostering a collaborative spirit and enhancing regional biosafety awareness.

The event was supported as part of the project "Biosafety and Biosecurity in Primary and Secondary Schools", organised by the Centre for Disease Control and Geomedical Studies of the Medical Sciences Department at the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This initiative was carried out in cooperation with institutions from the Republic of Croatia, including the Ministry of Science and Education, the Agency for Upbringing and Education, the Croatian Society for Biosafety and Biosecurity of the Croatian Medical Association, the Dr Fran Mihaljević Clinic for Infectious Diseases in Zagreb, the Croatian Academy of Medical Sciences, and the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

This event underscored the significance of such initiatives in enhancing capacities and raising awareness about biological safety, laying the groundwork for future activities and projects in this field. Thanks to the dedication of Professor Hukic and the supporting institutions, the event successfully achieved its goal of promoting biosafety and biosecurity among the youth, marking an important step towards creating a safer and healthier society.


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