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Enjoy an educational program that blends architecture, arts and science.

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Department of Architecture
Department of Architecture

Interactive Design Studios

The design studio as the learning environment focuses on the intense exploration of the contemporary most creative design processes.

Department of Architecture

Personalized Approach

At the Department of Architecture, we challenge future architects in developing critical thinking, through extensive one-on-one communication with academic staff in formal reviews and informal interactions.

Department of Architecture

A Unique Academic Community –
rich, diversified and

Our culturally and ethnically diverse student community works collaboratively on different scales of engagement from design projects to summer schools, student clubs and exchange programs.

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Department of Architecture

Innovative educational

In order to respond to the needs of the individuals and society, architects need an extremely broad education. That is why the program of architecture at IBU attempts to provide fundamental understanding of society and culture, materials and techniques of construction, the significance of the natural and built context, historical process, critical thinking and the diverse forms of creative expression.

Department of Architecture

Facilities & Special Features

Dynamic internship programs

It will give you the exposure and experience to get your career off the ground.

Successful Mentoring Program

Individualized mentorship approach for each student.

Erasmus Student Exchange Program

Helps students study abroad for a more rounded global education experience.

We encourage you to start perceiving architecture as a way of thinking. You will be engaged in real problem-solving design processes through creative thinking and progressive critical inquiries.

Adnan Novalić

Adnan Novalić

Head of Department of Architecture


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Adnan Novalić

Adnan Novalić

Head of Department • Assoc. Prof. Dr.

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Anesa Jabučar

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Lejla Kolić

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